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Fill Color for BPMN Group Frame

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I'm using a group frame (you can see it below) and want to add a fillcolor. When I'm changing the vlaue from fill color 1 or fill color 2 nothing happend. Why respectivley how can I do so?

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Next problem: I have insert a task activity in the qroup to set a background. Now the group chance automaticlly the size to have distance to the task activity it is possible to turn this auto correction of?

There seems to be a misunderstanding here. I did not mean to suggest adding a task activity to the BPMN group, but using a task activity instead of the BPMN group. Task activities (at least those with "+" and "-" signs) are group nodes as well and may contain other nodes as content - see this sample GraphML file.

That said, I think the "auto correction" you mentioned is determined by properties "Top Group Inset", "Left Group Inset", "Bottom Group Inset", and "Right Group Inset" respectively. To change one of these properties, select the group node and enter another value for these properties in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.

Ok, thats an other way. It is possible to hide the "+" or "-" botton to open/closing the group. I'm didn't use this option and in my eyes it is very ugly ;-)
"File" -> "Preferences", tab "Display" option "Group State Icon" determines whether or not "+"/"-" icons for "Group Nodes" group nodes are displayed. However, task activity group nodes ignore this setting because their "+"/"-" icons are part the BPMN state which follows the BPMN specification.
Thank you! You helped me a lot!

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The BPMN group does not support fill color. I.e. it is always transparent.

If you need a filled group, either use a BPMN task activity or one of the group styles from the "Group Nodes" palette section.
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O.K. Thanks. I have an other question: I have hidden the content from a group. I see now in the mainframe only a little box without content. When I'm make a double klick on it, I see the only the content of the group. I have no idea how I make it or make it undone.

Group nodes have two states: opened and closed. While opened, a group node's content is visible, while closed the group node's content is hidden (indeed it is removed from the current diagram). When you double-click a (opened or closed) group node, yEd will navigate into the group and show only the group's content. In any case, all group specific actions are available in yEd's "Grouping" menu. E.g. if you erroneously navigated into a group, you can use "Grouping" -> "Previous View" to return; if you have closed a group, you can use "Grouping" -> "Open Group" to open it once again; etc.

perfect! Thanks!
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