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Colors depending on label/value of edges

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Hello guys,

I am trying to do this. I have an gml file and now I can create nice data visualisation.

There are edges with different labes value and I want specify the color depending on the value of these edges. I tried to configure the Properties Mapper, but I can not see any sources (onlz URL and Tooltip). I found on blogs that I should configure Custom Properties. Here I have tried add Edge Properties - but I dont know how to import or selecet the data source. Could any one show me step by step how to do this?



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1 Answer

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yEd does not offer the possibility to import custom properties into existing diagrams. Nor does it offer the possibility to adopt property values from label texts.

Off the top of my head I can think of the following solutions:

  1. You create a single custom property for edges and manually enter the label text as the property value for each edge.
  2. You save your diagram as GraphML and create a custom script or short program that enhances the GraphML by converting your edge label texts into custom edge property values in the GraphML file. Then re-open the modified GraphML file in yEd.
  3. You create a spreadsheet file for your diagram and use yEd's Excel import to create a diagram with custom properties.

Unfortunately, all of the above solutions require quite a lot of work.

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