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create a own groupshape style

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I have imported my own design for shapestyles as svgs.Now I try to create a own design for groupstyles. Till jet, I have found no oportunity to create such a design. Is it possible?

Thank you for helping!
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, yEd currently does not offer a group node style that displays SVG documents or raster images directly. The best you can do is to add an additional label your group and use your SVG document as the label's icon.
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Thank you for your answer! adding a new label works, but how can I add a icon to a lable?
If I am right, the way you proposed, would maen, my own style would only be in the haeder. The Design of the groupnode still the same?

Please see How can I add an icon to a label? for a detailed explanation on - well - how to add an icon to a label.

And no, you are not restricted to icons in a group node's header. There are several placement options (ranging from free placement to specific positions) for labels. It is easily possible to place a label into the center or the at the bottom of a group node - see e.g. this sample GraphML file.

Thanks! That helps a lot!
The left group node in your sample is exactly the kind I am looking for. From which palatte is it from?
BPMN. The version in the palette has a dash-dotted border. If you need another border style, simply create one from the palette then change the border style in the editor. If you need that customized style really often, create a user-defined palette section and add the customized group node style to your user-defined palette section.
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