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how to layout the contents in neighbourhood view

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Hello Experts,

I have a complex graphml file with several 100's of nodes, best part of Yed is I am able to layout the contents and it works.

I like the neighbourhood view of yed quite well, only problem is see it that even though I layout the contents, layouting is not affecting neighbourhood view :-(

I selected Incremental hierarchic layout and specified orientation as "bottom to top" -> in this case contents of my neighbourhood view are still unchanged

I will be happy if I get to know "how to layout the contents of neighbourhood view"

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1 Answer

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It is not possible to affect the layout in yEd's neighborhood, predecessors, and successors views.

If you want to work with the diagrams in the above context view, you have to convert the context view contents to a regular diagram document first (right-click the context view in question and choose "Convert to Document" from the corresponding context menu to do that).
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