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Option to swap the functions of the left and right mouse buttons

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I've only just started using yEd but I find that the mouse buttons constantly catch me out!

I keep expecting that clicking and dragging the left mouse button on a shape should move the shape, but it draws a line from that shape instead. Eventually, I found out that the right mouse button can be used to move the shape, but this goes against all of my instincts.

I can understand that if you swapped the functions over in a future release then you may get thousands of people having the opposite problem, but please, please, please could you add an option to the settings screen to swap the functions over so that the left mouse button moves shapes and the right one starts a line from that shape?

Many thanks in advance.
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1 Answer

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The left mouse button moves selected shapes (or "nodes" as they are formally called), the right mouse button pans (i.e. provides a convenient way of scrolling).

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