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Annotations for Edges

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Hi, In order to support property graphs (for both Nodes and Edges, meaning content property, not style) I am using the Annotations (for the property content). However there is no support for Annotation for edges.

1. Will you support Annotations for Edges?

2. Will you have another type of support for describing a property graph where content properties are needed for both Nodes and edges (preferably JSON style)
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I am afraid, I do not understand what you are trying to achieve.

You are trying to create a specific type of diagram in yEd, right?
If so, can you post an illustration of an example (e.g. from a different application or a mockup created with an image editor application) of the desired diagram type?
If not, which yWorks product are you using?

Its very simple: you are supporting the feature of adding annotations to Nodes. Will you support adding annotations to Edges?

Let me rephrase my question. What do you mean by "annotations to nodes"?

In yEd, the only thing called "annotation" is the BPMN annotation symbol


Are you actually asking about labels (i.e. adding text to nodes)? If so, labels for edges are already supported. (Select an edge, right-click the edge to open its context menu, and choose "Add Label".)

I am using yEd Live. When I am "right clicking a Node I have two options: Add Label and Add Annotation. When I am "right clicking" an edge I have Add Label but I do NOT have Add Annotation.
As a generic graph of Nodes and Edges, will you support annotating the edges as well
The same kind of annotation labels is currently not supported in yEd Live. As you have noticed, it is only there for nodes. The closest thing would be to add a normal label a with gray background color to the edge.

I agree that something similar is also desirable for edges, thus thank you for pointing this out. I'll add it to the list of future improvements, so it might become available at some point.

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