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The Properties Mapper does not display the selected template correctly

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As the following screenshot shows, the Properties Mapper does not display the selected template correctly:

I have selected the Fat Arrow, right as my template. The Properties Mapper dialog shows this template correctly in the "Template View" panel (at right).

But the thumbnail shown with the Single radio button  is wrong: It shows Fat Arrow, left as selected template. [BUG#1]

Secondly, if I browse the templates again, the selected template should be highlighted. But the Properties Mapper dialog does not show any highlight around the currently selected template (see below): [BUG#2]

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Regarding the first issue, please provide a step-by-step description for reproducing this bug. You seem to have done something very specific, because when I tested sinlge template mapping, fat arrows behaved as expected for me:



Regarding the second issue, this is not a bug. yEd simply does not highlight the previously chosen template in the chooser popup - and it was never meant to do so. Feel free to post a corresponding feature request, though. ;-)

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I did not do anything specific, except to save the Properties mapping, save the diagram file (graphml) and close it.

Then reopen the diagram (graphml) file, and reopen the Properties Mapper dialog.

[Edit] In fact, I do not have to close the Graphml file: Just open the Properties mapper dialog, click on the "Single template" selector button ( [?] ) button, and select a different node. Close the mapper dialog. The graphml shows a * in the tab ("unsaved changes" status). Save it by pressing CTRL+S. The * disappears from the tab.

Now reopen the Properties mapper. Look at the node. It is different.
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