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How do I prevent yEd from adjusting swimlane widths when I change the heading?

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When I change the heading of a swimlane diagram, yEd narrows the widths of all of my swimlane columns except the last. This has the result of placing all of my nodes in the wrong columns. When I subsequently use the automatic layout tool, the nodes are placed incorrectly. I worry that other small changes might cause the same behavior, which leads me to mistrust using yEd for swimlanes.
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1 Answer

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This behavior sounds like you have enabled option "Dynamically Adjust Node Size to Label Size" (8th on the "Editor" tab) in the File > Preferences... dialog.

by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
De-selecting that did the trick. Thanks!
I believe this behavior should be separated. Re-sizing nodes to correspond with their labels makes sense because the label is (usually) all that's in a node. The same is not true for lanes, as the lane label is not its main content.
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