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Toolbar for node-alignment and placement

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Sometimes some nodes of a graph need to be placed manually.

It would be good to have a toolbar that allows rapid organized placements of nodes.

  • Align vertically (top, middle, bottom)
  • Align horizontally (left, center, right)
  • Space equally (horizontally)
  • Space equally (vertically)

Something like this

(I know this sample lacks the "space equally" buttons, but I put it just to give the idea!)

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yEd already offers all of the above actions (see "Edit" -> "Align Nodes") and each of these is bound to a keyboard shortcut. Thus you already have quick access to node alignment action.
oops! Missed that somehow.

Thanks for pointing it out!
Ok, although the commands and hotkeys are there, can we have a toolbar for them, so that mouse-users can use them easily?

There's also a proposal to have a docked panel for that; which is also fine.

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I don't want to be mean, take it as a constructive comment.

But he was not the only person to look for this option, and i had to google it.  People doesn't want to go thru all the freakin menus to find the option they commonly use.  And people doesn't want to remember tons of shortcuts.  I'm not saying it's not good.  I often remember shortcuts that are commonly used all over the OS (ctrl-c, ctrl-v, alt-f4, etc).   But when it get to alignment, every application use a different combination.  So Ok for those who have enough empty space in their brain to store all these shortcuts, but for those like me...

  • Every good application that i know have this options:  VIEW / TOOLBARS
  • Then the user pick up select the toolbar that he use really often

Alignment toolbar is by far, the most common.  Adding toolbar doesn't require much more efforts from the developers (i'm a developer myself).   

It's a free app, so i won't bug anyone with this, but you should really consider it if you want to improve user experience.  And Thomas, maybe just reconsider your way to answer.  Just a simple "Thanks for the suggestion, i'll add it to our customers wish list, but I can't tell you if it will be accepted by the team".   It would sound less like "You already have shortcuts somewhere in the menu, so i don't give a shit.  Deal with it." (i refer to this part: "Thus you already have quick access to node alignment action")

I do not think the original request was aimed at a customizable/configurable tool bar. Thus please consider posting this as a feature request in its own right.
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