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EMF export towards Powerpoint

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I need to get my diagrams imported in EMF into Powerpoint. This works.

However, i also need to ungroup the image once imported into Powerpoint. For some reasons, this doesn't work for me.

With EMF that i generate with other tools i always can insert an image from a .emf file to rework thoses images after ungrouping them. Not with yed.

Is this a known issue ?

Many thanks in advance
asked Nov 25, 2017 in Help by bg (120 points)
recategorized Nov 27, 2017 by thomas.behr

2 Answers

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yEd uses a third-party library (FreeHEP VectorGraphics) for exporting to EMF. I do not know how that library works in detail and why the resulting files would behave differently from other EMF files.

answered Nov 28, 2017 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (126,540 points)
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There's a bit of an "involved" workaround.

  • Get Inkscape
  • Export your file in *.emf or *.svg formats
  • Drag/drop or open that file in Inkscape
  • Copy diagram
  • "Paste as" metafile into Powerpoint
  • Ungroup...

There is a drawback - e.g. edges get separated into a line and an arrow, etc..


answered Sep 17 by anonymous
edited Sep 17
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