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Better Bends

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Preferably arc segments, of constant radius.

The radius should be configurable globally, optionally local, with graphical handles.

Currently the bends seem to depend on the lengths of the neighbouring segments, which leads to an irregular (IMO) messy appearance.

Export the bends as svg arcs, not line segments.
asked Jun 6, 2012 in Feature Requests by 3D-Grabber (150 points)

1 Answer

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I think this feature is already there. In the palette (on the right of the window) select "Edge Types". If you hover with the mouse on the icons, it will show all the edge types: polyline (the default), arc, bezier, quadratic, spline.

You can either drag and drop the edge icon you want, or you can select an existing edge on the main canvas, then right-click on the edge icon that you want and select "Apply type" to transform the selected edge to the new type.
answered Jun 12, 2012 by marco.m (1,010 points)
IMHO, you misunderstood the request but please correct me if I'm wrong. Its about nicer rendering of the available curved lines and not about additional line types.

For technical and performance reasons, curved lines and 'round bends' are drawn as very short line segments instead of actual curves. Additionally, round bends are not circular arcs in order to keep the rendered line near to its bends, especially for acute angles.

Maybe this request needs a more precise title and description.
Hey Michael, I see what you mean. I agree that this request needs a more precise title and description; as is, it can be interpreted in multiple ways.
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