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yEd does not show the structure of the node correctly, in any of its views!

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I have taken an ER node and added four labels, as shown below:

But neither the Structure view nor the Properties view show its true structure!

The Structure view only reflects the text from the heading, but it does not show the ID of the node. As a result, there are multiple nodes with "CM Vora" labels, and it is impossible to tell them apart. [bug]

On the other hand, the Properties view does not show any of the labels at all.

As a result, we cannot even be aware how many labels this node has. [bug]

Further, the label in the Header partition is idenfied as "Text". The other labels are not even shown in the properties, neither do they carry any label IDs. [bug]

Given this, suppose I have to create an argument diagram from an Excel sheet.

  1. How do I assign the sheet to a node, when there is no node ID?
  2. How do I assign a column to a particular label when there is no label ID?

(Related to issue #12305)

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You seem to be mixing some things up.

A node in yEd has no ID! (The node IDs used for Excel Import are an "implementation detail" of Excel Import.) Neither are there any label IDs.

Moreover, none of the issues you raise are bugs.
The structure view displays the text from the first label associated to a node. This is by design. Alternatively, it supports displaying the node's URL, Description, or any custom property).
The properties view does display properties of the selected element. For nodes and edges, it does also display the properties of the first label associated to the node or edge as a convenience feature. It is not meant to display all label properties.

You are, however, correct in that neither structure view nor properties view disclose how many labels there are for a node (or an edge). This is not a bug, though, because neither of the two components is intended to display that information.

As I mentioned in the comments to Creating argument map automatically from a lawsuit (importing data from excel), assigning additional data from Excel sheets is done using yEd's properties mapper.

Have you actually read through Import of Excel Files in the yEd Manual as I recommended? The documentation explains that additional data from Excel sheets gets imported as custom properties of the corresponding nodes and edges. (Which is why yEd's properties mapper can be used for styling in the first place).

Have you actually tried to reproduce the example from my answer in Creating argument map automatically from a lawsuit (importing data from excel)?

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To sum up:
By default, every node has one label. The properties view panel displays the properties of that single label.

But if the user has added more labels, the Properties View panel does not show their properties directly: The user has to select a particular label to view its properties in the Properties Panel.
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