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find/mark/filter all matching nodes at once

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How is it possible to find/mark/filter/select more than one node via the find dialog?

Even if I uncheck the "clear selection first" box the selection of the first find is deselected if I do a second search or when using "F3"-key.
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There are two Find dialogs in yEd with the same look but different behavior, which is admittedly confusing. The one in the Edit menu (Find) does the incremental search you describe. The other one in the Tools menu (Select Elements) selects all elements at once.
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michael - you made my day ;-)

And if I can combine this with the "Find/Select elements via Custom Properties and Description researchs" feature request from FRF <http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/470/select-elements-custom-properties-description-researchs> it would be a great step forward for my intended usecase.
In a future version could these dialogues be combined?
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