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Family Tree : How do I define nodes and edges from a dataset with name,sex, father, mother columns

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yEd offers support for importing GEDCOM (*.ged) files and Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx) spreadsheets.
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I did create an xlsx spreadsheet, I put the name and sex in nodes sheet and name and mother/father as source an target in the edges fie and then I selected family tree laytout it gave me an error message"Family tree expects a amily tree as its input" It then refers me to the help section faily tree chart which does not show the spredsheet and this is where my problem lies 

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See "Help" -> "Example Graphs" -> "Layout" -> "familytree.graphmlz" for a family tree example. Two things are important:

  1. Nodes representing individuals (i.e. men or women) are not connected directly, but to a "family node". For each family node, there should be an edge from the father to the family node, an edge from the mother to the family node, and for each child an edge from the family node to the child. The direction of the edges is important!
  2. Node colors are used to differentiate between different types of nodes. I.e. all nodes representing men have to be the same color, all nodes representing women have to be the same color, and all nodes representing "family ties" have to be the same color.

That said, without knowing your spreadsheet, the Excel Import settings, and the resulting diagram, it is impossible to provide advice on how to fix the problem. If you upload a screenshot of your Excel Import settings as well as a GraphML file for the resulting diagram, I will be happy to try to provide further advice.

Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files here.

Hi Thomas, I am trying to draw a family tree of popular person in Greek Mythology. The csv file
 contains 5 attributes comma separated
1.    NAME: The name of the person
2.    FATHER: The name of the person's father
3.    MOTHER: The name of the person's mother
4.    SEX: The sex of the person
5.    POPULARITY: the number of Google results for the person's name
This file is provided by http://www.graphdrawing.de/contest2016/topics.html
Unfortunately, yEd does not support CSV import. You need to convert your data either to an Excel spreadsheet (*.xls or *.xlsx) or an GEDCOM file (*.ged) to be able to import the data into yEd.
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