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How can I adjust the font size of a row in a vertical swimlane node?

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I could not figure out how to do that...
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Select the node (not the row!), find property "Header Font Size" in the properties dialog or the properties table in yEd's lower right corner, enter the desired size.
by [yWorks] (159k points)
That is what I tried. I got it working, but there is still some unexpected behaviour: In my case, the font size is 20. If I now add a row, its label's size is 12 (which is the default). When I then try to adjust it to 20 so it matches the other rows, you have to change the entry for "font size" first to an other value than "20", apply this and then enter "20" again, and apply. Simply applying without entering a value (as "20" is already in there) or re-entering "20" and applying does not work. Not a big problem, but still somewhat annoying ;)
Ah, I see. The fact that the new row's font size does not match the specified header font size is a bug. I have filed a corresponding bug report in our internal issue tracking system. Thanks for pointing it out.
Fixed as of yEd 3.10.
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