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Create Diagram From Python

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It is possible to create a diagram from Python I have been analyzing the code of a .graphml to write a file from Python with this structure, however all my attempts have not been so successful. You will have something with this (Manual or examples).?

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It should definitely be possible to create a .graphml file using some Python code, however, there is no such example / manual that describes this, I'm afraid.
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For people who come to this Post, I have found the solution and it was possible to create drawings from Python using a library called PYYED.


Python Console

from pyyed import *

g = pyyed.Graph()

g.add_node('foo', font_family="Zapfino")
g.add_node('foo2', shape="roundrectangle", font_style="bolditalic", underlined_text="true")

g.add_edge('foo1', 'foo2')
g.add_node('abc', font_size="72", height="100")

g.add_node('bar', label="Multi\nline\ntext")
g.add_node('foobar', label="""Multi

#print g.get_graph()
z = g.get_graph()

print z

new_config_file = open("Ejemplo3" +'.graphml','w')
This needs to be changed.  The import call should be:
import pyyed
from pyyed import *

If you do this this code will generate graphml file to use in yEd software as an example
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