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Excel Import Network Driagram diferent Palette

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I would like to ask a couple of questions.

Question 1#
When I use the Excel Import option it is possible to select or tell Yed to use some palette icons for what I am importing.


#2 Consultation / Recommendation
I am trying to make a network diagram from the information I have in excel, you could give me your recommendations of what would be the best option to achieve the desired.


1-Information on Excel

EQUIPO1 Gig 3/3 Gig 0/10 EQUIPO2
EQUIPO1 Gig 3/4 Gig 0/11 EQUIPO3
EQUIPO1 Gig 3/5 Gig 0/12 EQUIPO4

Desired diagram:



Obtained DiagramObtained



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1 Answer

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I recommend reading the following:

Then add properties to the nodes/edges in your Excel spreadsheet data, so you can use them in the Properties Mapper dialog to get the edge color you want and select the template (palette icon) you want.

For the palette icon, use a node configuration with "Template": "Multiple" in the Properties Mapper dialog and add a "map to"-"Template" mapping to get the desired icon.
For the edge color, use an edge configuration in the Properties Mapper dialog and add a "map to"-"Template" mapping to get the edge color.
It seems you should also correct your Excel data per edge: the edge labels seem all the same.
Your desired layout seems to be an orthogonal style. This isn't available with the Excel import, but you can run it yourself from Layout > Orthogonal > Classic

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