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Target IDs properties not being mapped

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I have imported an Excel table containing cross-references of a database whereby each line contains

source ID, term, URL, type of reference (generic to specific and/or associated), target ID, target term and target URL.

The problem is that only the properties of the source ID are imported. When mapping the properties I have proceeded as follows:

Node properties:

Data Source             Map To               Conversion

URL source              URL                   Automatic

ID source                  Tooltip               Automatic

wether I then add the same mapping for the target URLs and IDs does not make a difference... I am only linked to the URLs of the source IDs and they are shown as tooltip when placing the cursor over them.

How do I do to get both parts of my table correctly mapped?

Also, when exporting the file as html, I can only open it from my own computer and not from someone else's one. What do I have to do in order to "publish" it in our website?

Many thanks!


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There is only one URL and one tooltip per node available, so trying to map two things (source and target URL, for instance) onto one doesn't work.
Of course, you could add further properties per node, like, e.g. a "Source URL" that you could use to map the source URL to, but only the pre-defined URL property is connected to the "Go to URL" command from the context menu.

It seems that the data you are importing pertain more to an edge where there is a natural notion of "source" and "target". If so, my suggestion would be to restructure your data so that the information about URL and ID are one per node.

Regarding your question to the HTML export: If you want to publish the .html file on your website, you need to upload it to your web server.
But that isn't really a yEd-specific question.
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Thanks Thomas, I see what you mean and I will try to make myself clearer then...

The Excel table that I imported contains 2 nodes per line (source ID and target ID respectively with their own properties) as they are somehow in relation to each other.

Example of my table:

Source|   Source                       | URL CG | Type cross-ref | Target ID | Target concept |URL CS
ID          concept

2781   | adoption                     | http:…     | CG/CS           |3114 | posthumous adoption | http:…
3160   | adoption by a couple     | http:…     | CG/CS           |2781 | adoption                   | http:…
3096   | adoption by a relative     | http:…     | CG/CS           |2781 | adoption                   | http:…

The table should be read as follows:

The source ID "2781" which is labeled "adoption" that has its own URL establishes a generic to specific relation to the target ID "3114" which is labeled "posthumous adoption" that also has its own URL.

When importing the data, the conections between IDs are all well represented. The problem is however the mapping of properties...

In the editor I can see the labeled node "adoption" (that shows the respective ID when placing the cursor over it - source ID defined as tooltip and directs me to the respective URL when pressing F8) that is related with an edge to the labeled node "posthumous adoption" but here I do not get neither the tooltip of the target ID nor the link to the target URL.

I believe I must be doing something wrong from the properties mapper panel ...
OK, I see.
My suggestion is still that you should restructure the data in your Excel file. Use both an 'EdgeList' *and* a 'NodeList'. Only with the latter you will be able to get your custom properties at every node.
Please see the corresponding section in the yEd Manual here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/manual/import_excel.html#nodelist
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