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How can I make class nodes scale automatically?

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I'm trying to create a class diagram where each class will have a different number of attributes and methods. I'd like to scale all class nodes to automatically fit the size needed by the attributes and methods. I've already tried File -> Preferences -> dynamically... but it doesn't seem to work.

How do I make them scale automatically?
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File > Preferences > Editor > Dynamically Adjust... (if enabled) applies to nodes as you type in their label text. To adjust the size of a set of nodes in one go, Tools > Fit Node To Label would be the right tool.
However, this tool only takes into account the first label of a node, i.e. it cannot find the proper size for class nodes that have additional labels for attributes and/or methods.


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As of yEd 3.17.1, "Fit Node to Label" takes constraint, stereotype, attributes, and methods labels of UML class nodes into account as well.
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