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[Linux] How to add a custom command to a node menu

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After having selected a node, a right-click displays a menu with a list of stock commands, such as Go to URL or Properties...

Is it possible to add a custom command such as a bash script or any other user-defined command within that menu?

Is it possible to add a custom element within the "palette' window to be able to launch such custom commands for a group of nodes?

Is it possible to launch such custom commands through yEd API?
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1 Answer

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It is not possible to add custom commands to yEd. Moreover, yEd does not offer an API because you are not allowed to use yEd in an automated process like running a script. Please see the yEd Software License Agreement, ยง1 License Conditions.

If you are looking for a graph layout and visualization API, please take a look at the comercial yFiles library upon which yEd is built.

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