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positioning pattern of Circular layout?

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I'd like to understand in what way the Circular layout arranges nodes on a common radius (in order to place rotational values in the graphml file before opening that will align the labels with the "ray-angle" they're on). If i use the circular layout function on a simple test-setup of one node with 5 children (labeled 1-5) i get the parent in the middle and the children arrange themselves on a common radius around it in the order of 4, 2, 5, 1, 3 (from 12 o clock clockwise). It doesn't seem to be random - so what criteria is the algorithm using to determine the order of positioning around the radius? Thanks.

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Aha, i think i understand the pattern. It starts before 9pm and goes counter-clockwise. So #1 is just below 9pm and then #2 is two rays further counter-clockwise and #3 again two rays further counter-clockwise... until it hits 9pm and then it turns around and fills out the spots clockwise that were left empty in the first counter-clockwise round.

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