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Can not open yEd

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I just downloaded the available version yEd version for Macs. But I can not open the application.
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Could you provide the following information: Mac OS X version and Java version on your Mac. Also, what exactly is the problem you are seeing? Are there any error messages when you try to open the yEd application?
by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
Sure, the Mac OS X is a 10.6.8 and Java is 1.6.0_31-b-04-415. There is no error message opening its just that the program itslef as well as the file I have created a couple of days ago does not open.
That all sounds rather strange. Have you created that file using the very same yEd.app (that now refuses to open)? Is there a file "error.log" in your yEd.app installation folder? And if so, what's in it?
If not, how did you install the yEd.app from the yEd.dmg? What does it say about ownership and permissions, when you "Get Info" about the yEd.app in the Finder?

Can you open the "yed.jar" by double-clicking it (it's in the yEd.app installation folder, too)?
Can you open the yEd Web Start version from the yEd home page: <http://www.yworks.com/yed> (the orange "Launch" button).
Can not open yEd for Mac
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