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Properties of edge type labels

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I made quite an extensive flowchart and I'm not satisfied with the labels of the edge types.

I now want to center them over the edge type but then the line is going straight trough the text, so I set a white background which blocks the line so the text is much easier to read, I also want to make the font smaller.

Is it possible to change it for al the edge types at once?
And if not for future use: is there a way to set the properties as I want and use it for all the other edge types without the need to change te properties by hand for each edge type?

Thanks for any help!
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1 Answer

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If at least one item is selected, the Select All command selects all other items of this type, that is, you can select any label and press Ctrl+A to select them all. Then, it's easy to change them all in a similar way.

You can set your preferred style as default for new items by adding the respective symbol to the palette: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/992/
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