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Create two arrows between two blocks

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I have an issue to create side-by-side arrows between two blocks. Everything I tried arrows overlapped. And when I want to move one arrow it does not remain straight.

So, do you knw how can I move uniformly arrows between my two blocks or how can I create side-by-side arroaws between two blocks ?

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1 Answer

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To prevent multiple edges between two nodes from overlapping, either ...

  1. run "Tools" -> "Route Parallel Edges", or
  2. select the edges in turn and change their port coordinates (i.e. properties "Source Port X", "Source Port Y", "Target Port X", and "Target Port Y"), or
  3. enable orthogonal edge editing (third tool bar button from the right), select one of the edges and drag it up/down (if a horizontal edge) or to the left/to the right (if a vertical edge). This will only work for completely horizontal or completely vertical edges, though.

Alternatively, do not create overlapping edges right from the start. If you press and hold SHIFT before starting edge creation, the newly created edge will start at the mouse cursor position instead of the node center (and later end at the mouse cursor position instead of the node center).

by [yWorks] (160k points)
Very helpful, I need draw edge from point to point not node to node.
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