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How to create specific graph node each with its own characteristics ?

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Hi guys,

I want  create specific graph nodes with properties different from each other. its possible ? How do create those nodes with yed?

I still want create customizaded groups with number of sub-element(nodes) variable. its possible ? How do create those customizaded groups with yed ?   


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1 Answer

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I am not sure I understand the question. You may modify the properties of each node individually by selecting a node and changing any of its properties e.g. in the properties view table in yEd's lower right corner or in the properties dialog that is opened for selected elements by pressing F6. Changing a property for one node will not affect other nodes in any way.
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Hi thomas,

First of all I would like to thank you for your response but i want create nodes with different properties in same graph, I do not want simple changing a properties. What the tool allows to do is to create properties for all nodes of the graph(EDIT -> MANAGE CUSTOM PROPERTIES)  and what I would like would  to create specific properties for some nodes types and has a pallete of different custom node types,  its possible ?

For example: Create a node that represents a house and another node represents a car. These nodes have different properties and I want to create them.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to define custom properties for some but not all nodes in a graph.
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