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Combine Several Properties in the Label Text

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Hello there,

I'd like to know if it is possible to combine multiple edge properties into one displayed label. For example: We have got two edge properties 'In-ID' and 'Out-ID' and I would like to generate the label "Node-ID:Out-ID -> Node-ID:In-ID" for the edge.

So far I have nothing found in the help or this forum.

If this is not possible this might be a feature request if others find this also useful.

Thank you for your help

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2 Answers

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Hi Josef, currently, there is no feature which allows you to combine several data values into a new one or a visual property therefore I move this idea to feature requests.
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Though this is not quite what you want, but may be useful.

You can use the property mapper to map a property to a  2nd Label Line.

The 2 lines go on top of each other, but you can select all the edges and change the placement of line 1 label.

I'm not sure of there is an easy way to change the placement of the label 2nd line without selecting the label text individually.

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