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What do you mean by The Software may not be used as part of an automated process ?

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Hello, we would like to use your aplication at our comapny. But we would like to ask what do you mean by "The Software may not be used as part of an automated process. " in your license therms. Because we would like to use your software to draw the processes that are ocuring in our company, and we are not sure that we do not voiate the therms because of the therm that i quote.

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Please see the answer to Can somebody clearly define the term "automated process"?

Additionally, section 1 "License Conditions" in the yEd Software License Agreement says "... install one copy of the Software and use it as an application ..."  (emphasis mine). This means you are not allowed to use yEd with an automated software distribution system unless you get express permission from yWorks GmbH to do so. If you intend to automate yEd installation, please contact the yWorks sales department to negotiate terms.

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Meaning only one instalation (one computer with installed software) per company?
No, but without a special agreement each employee in your company that wants to use yEd would have to download and install yEd on his or her own.
I.e. you may not use a software distribution system to install yEd on multiple machines.
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