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How can I enter text in a row of a Swimlane table?

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The following page ironically explains everything else, but the most necessary action: How to enter text in a row. Except if the table is for decorative purposes only.


Is it so difficult to support the obvious: double-click a row and enter some text?

That's called usability.
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On the page you reference, the first section "Creating and Editing Swimlane Diagrams" has paragraph titled "Editing the label of a row or column" that says:

Editing the label of a row or column
The label editor can be opened by double-clicking the row's or column's label.

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And you will end up editing the *label* (field) of the row, just like the title says, NOT add text to the content field of that row.
The only way to add text to any type of node is to have a label for said node.  Thus "entering text in a row" is only possible by adding/editing a corresponding label.
Adding a label on a table stays in the middle of the table.

But (depending on the value of the label's "Placement" property) such a label may be moved to any other position as well. There are two ways to move a label to another position:

  1. If "Placement" is set to "Smart Free: Anywhere" or "Free: Anywhere", select the label (e.g. using CTRL+left mouse click or using "Tools" -> "Select Elements") and use the mouse to drag it to the desired position.
  2. Choose a "Placement" option that provides discrete positions such as "Intern: Top". (Of course, you will have to select the label in question to change its placement option.)

Finally, swimlane tables are group nodes. Thus it is possible to assign other nodes as child nodes to swimlane tables. This may be done by dragging node templates from a palette section right onto a swimlane table or by pressing and holding SHIFT and moving an existing node into a swimlane table.

On second though, I would like to mention that swimlane tables are not meant to present tables of text. Swimlane tables are meant to organize other nodes (i.e. the swimlane table's child nodes) in a tabular fashion.

If you want to have a table with text contents only, create a normal (rectangle) node and use HTML formatting in said node's label. See How can I achieve different text stylings within one label? for more information on HTML formatting.

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