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How to change normal node(s) into orthogonal ones without recreating them.

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I have normal angled edges between some elements and I want to convert them to orthogonal ones. I read "Ortogonal Edges" article here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/manual/orthogonal_edges.html and there's only the instruction to do the opposite by removing a bend from an Orthogonal Edge so that it becomes non-orthogonal. But I want to make non-orthogonal edges ortogonal so when I drag edge it does not add bend but moves lines in orthogonal mode. In the article there's this note:

With the Orthogonal Edges feature switched on the same gesture moves the segment instead of creating a bend. Moving a bend also moves a neighboring bend.

Note: The changed update behavior only applies to orthogonal edges. Editing edges which are not orthogonal is left unchanged by the Orthogonal Edges feature.

So it seems orthogonality is an edge property - how can I change that? How can I turn on this behaviour for edges that are now non-orthogonal?

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The orthogonality of an edge is a property that is determined on-the-fly by the Orthogonal Edges feature. So, this property can't be set anywhere.

The get orthogonal edges you could use one of the automatic orthogonal edge routing algorithms available from the Layout > Edge Routing menu.

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