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Find/Select hidden labels on Nodes

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I have some situations, in which it is very difficult to find or select the Labels attached at the nodes. e.g. the label has no text and when i try to create a horizontal line, as described in a few posts before.

When I look into the .graphml file, there where some labels which I could not select with the ctrl+mouse in yEd, or only after many trys.

Is it possible to show this labels in the "structure" window. Maybe with a "+" at the nodes.


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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the structure view does not support displaying individual labels.

However, it should be possible to select empty labels using "Tools" -> "Select Elements". To do that, ensure that option "Use These Criteria" is selected on tab "Node Labels" and on that tab only. Empty labels may be selected by setting option "Select" to value "Text", clearing option "Text", and setting option "Match Text" to value "Complete". Other possibilities include selecting labels of pre-selected nodes or selecting labels based on their index (i.e. the first, second, etc. label of a node).
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