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Adding edges to imported symbols

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I'm importing symbols as SVG files from the icon search function. This is a great feature, extremely useful. However, I'm finding it can be tough to draw edges from those icons. It seems like I often have to be in the center of the image for it to be selected as the destination for an edge. So if I need to add another edge where the image is now the source, I wind up selecting the end point of the first edge, and dragging it instead of creating a new edge. With enough random selecting and clicking I can usually get it to work, but I'm wondering if there is a recommended approach for imported icons that are images such as SVG files.
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After you have created an SVG node, select that node (if necessary using marquee selection) and turn off "Clip on Outline" in the "Image" section of the node properties (see the properties view in yEd's lower right corner). After you have created all edges, select the SVG nodes once again and turn "Clip on Outline" back on. (If you have multiple SVG nodes, you can select them all and turn "Clip on Outline" on or off for all of them together.)
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