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Make the label fit inside non-rectangular nodes

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To have some sort of text wrapping, I use the label properties:
  • Placement: Internal, Center
  • Size: Fit Node Width
  • Configuration: Cropping
This works fine on rectangular nodes, however on non-rectangular nodes the label will protrude the node shape/size. This is particularly bad with the cloud node in which the node size seems too be a lot bigger than the node graphics, but it is an issue on all (or many) non-rectangular nodes.
An option to make the label fit inside the node (and here I mean inside the actual graphics) would be great. (Or help to actually do this now if possible, would be even better :-))


asked Mar 20, 2017 in Feature Requests by anonymous
edited Apr 19, 2017

1 Answer

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You can somehow work around it by using the "Inset" parameter: It is basically a padding from all 4 sides.

So put in numbers like

0 10 0 10

and you will have 10 padding from the left and the right side.
answered Jan 29 by anonymous
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