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BUG? Can't view/select edge to parent

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Windows 10

Java Version: 1.8.0_111 64 bit

Please see the attached file.


In the file, STATE1 has an edge to its parent group "PARENT", but you can't see it unless you look in the Neighborhood view. You can also only select it from the Neighborhood view.

To create an example edge, start dragging from STATE2 to edge of PARENT and drop it. The edge will "dissapear", but will be there.

I know that some auto layouts will re-arrange the edge so that you can see it, but the diagrams I'm working on are large and already hand arranged (nodes & edges).

Most of these edges are left behind by accident because they "dissapeared".

Any suggestions? Is there a setting to prevent this?




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1 Answer

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The only way to prevent edges from parent node to child node (or vice versa) from disappearing is to add bends that are outside of both the parent node and the child node. (You need to either do this right on edge creation or run a layout algorithm like hierarchic layout that adds the required bends.)
by [yWorks] (158k points)
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