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Is there a way to export the yEd diagrsm into a spreadsheet of Edges and Nodes?

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Having imported data from execl to generate the graph of edges and nodes, it seems odd that the reverse cannot be done.  For example, if the imported graph is updated by adding nodes and/or edges, it would be useful to have the output as a spreadsheet again.
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Excel import is a convenience functionality if you want to have rapid diagram creation and all you have and all you know is spreadsheets. For roundtripping, the GraphML file format is much better suited than spreadsheets plus the whole Excel import procedure.
So, no, spreadsheet export is not supported.

With some fiddling, though, it seems possible to save to TGF file format, then transform the TGF to a .csv using a text editor with decent search-and-replace support.
by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
Yes the GraphML is better suited for its use - but one is very locked into using the functionality which already exists..  If the data could be exported back to a spreadsheet its more available to be processed by vba macros or others
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