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Does a Graphml to Spreadsheet conversion tool exist?

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Has anyone found  a Graphml to Spreadsheet conversion?

I found out that saving the file to TGF gets me halfway, but does not give all the metadata in a graphml
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1 Answer

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Try to open .graphml files in Gephi, and then exporting then to spreadsheets (.csv, you can choose the delimiter): https://gephi.org/

It requires JavaRE 1.8 or higher installed.

For Java 32 bits, try running:

 \Program Files\Gephi-0.9.2\bin\gephi.exe

instead of gephi64.exe, which runs only with Java 64 bits.

Troubleshoot: https://github.com/gephi/gephi/issues/1787

It worked on a simple test.

Hope it can be useful.

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