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Set real indiviudal custom properties for one node type without making them available through the whole palette

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Deat yWorks team, 

first of all, thank you for your wonderful graphics tool yEdyes which im using for process modelling, the charts are looking fantastic.

Since im digging a bit deeper, I want to set new custom properties and make them available to only one type of node. Even right now, with v3.16.2.1, when new custom properties are defined they show up under data in the properties view, but

are available for all node types in all palette sections too.surprise

So here is my question. Is there no way to set custom properties to individual node types of a single palette section or is it that I got something wrong from the manual and and testing around?


I'm looking forward for your answer. In case it isnt possible, please move this thread to the feature requestwink section of this board.

In this case I would like to re-issue the feature request for a palette editor which would allow the user to generate custom palettes with custom properties and symbols for each node type and edge type from scratch. This would allow the users to generate sets for new xml based notation languages, without rely on the build in semantics or just import new symbols. This would be also helpful to add new attributes to single nodes or edges and dont have them available anywhere in the palette.

Thanks, and best regards.



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Once defined in the Manage Custom Properties dialog, custom properties are available on all nodes (edges) of the graph in the currently active editor window. It's not wrong to think of custom properties as being per graph.
And although there cannot be custom properties for only a specific type of nodes in a given graph, custom properties can be empty for that specific type, of course.

Carefully observe that custom properties are not available in the palette. If you open a new editor window and then drag a node from one of the palette sections to that editor window, it won't have custom properties.

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