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Are nodes not children of swim lanes?

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I may be completely misunderstanding the usage of creating swim lanes in this tool, so please guide me if I am wrong.

I created a simple swim lane object, horizontal, defaults to two lanes.   If I drag, or shift drag, a bevel node to a particular lane, and then resize the lane itself so the boundary line crosses over the node, the node does not move and stay attached as a child to its row.  Rather, the node stays in place, and the swim lanes are merely visually adjusted.

Is this the correct behavior?  Am I doing something wrong?  Are lanes not conceptually a conainer object with hierarchial children?

Thank you !

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1 Answer

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You are observing correct behavior and not doing anything wrong. Please see the yEd manual here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/manual/swimlane.html
In particular, the section titled "Changing the size of rows or columns."

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