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Does yEd GE support Schemas for Structured Authoring?

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Greetings to all,
I'm new to this app. I am test driving it because I need to develop flowcharts that conform to schema rules. For example if a diamond decision node is used within yEd the schema will enforce the rule that YES and NO labels need to be added. If the author forgets to do it the XML will not validate. Does yEd Graph Editor support such structured authoring based on rules residing in a schema? Can my selection of what node is allowed next be be enforced by a schema which yEd is linked to? Does yEd support such rule based schemas natively within the flowchart authoring environment? If the answer is Yes, that is great news because theoretically it should then be possible to transform yEd XML data that conforms to a schema over to some other form of a document using XSLT stylesheets. I would very much like anyone's opinion out there if my theoretical thinking is valid or invalid. 
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the answer to all of your questions is "no".

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