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yEd for visualization only

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As is, yEd appears to be pretty powerful, supporting a wide range of formats, sophisticated graph arangement, extensive customization, etc.

I would love to use thes features to visualize pre-existing graphs.  However yEd aways comes up as a graph editor, always ready to add some default new node or new edge.  Ideally, in such modes one would still be able to remove nodes from a viewing area, rearrange nodes, etc; but no to add nodes or edges not in the graph to start with.

As it stands, yEd is good for creating and editing graphs, but for the types of graphs that arise "naturally" outside the yEd editor, it makes no sense to add/delete entities.  It is for such use cases that this type of feature would be desirabe.

asked Jan 14, 2017 in Feature Requests by anonymous
This is a good idea - I keep putting in unwanted arrows when i am just showing the BPM's to others (yes i know i'ts possible to tinker in the  preferences - but then i would have to go into that and reset it afterwards)

A quick fix could be that a new functionality could be added to the Edit Mode - the option of turning it off - so that the mouse pointer is just that - just a pointer

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yEd already offers a navigation-only mode ("View" -> "Mode" -> "Navigation Mode" or CTRL+SHIFT+W or sixth tool bar button from the right). Moreover, yEd's full screen mode ("View" -> "Full Screen" or CTRL+L) is navigation only, too.
answered Feb 14, 2017 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (110,720 points)
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