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Graphml drawing is invisible...

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in addition to my old thread (Was not able to upload a file there) I have attached my document to this new thread (Anonymized).

When I open the drawing, I cant see the content. When I use the function 'One click layout', it is visible, but 'distorted. When I us the undo function right behind, I can see my drawing as it was designed. But in the overview window it is still invisible.
Saving with a different filename and opening again doesn't change anything. So I have to use 'One click layout' and 'Undo' again to bring it back to visibilty...



asked Jan 10, 2017 in Help by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you very much for uploading your diagram.

In your diagram, there are 95 edges. And edge number 94 that connects the right-most node to a node in the next layer has a bend point with y-coordinate around 7*10^16 (i.e. something around 70000 trillions).

It should be possible to fix your diagram using the following approach:

  1. Start yEd. wink
  2. Open the original diagram.
  3. Click "1:1" in the toolbar (13th button from left).
  4. Double-click on an arbitrary node in yEd's structure view. (This should center the corresponding node in the editor area.)
  5. Click on an arbitrary node in yEd's editor area. (This moves the focus from the structure view to the editor area.)
  6. Repeatedly type the "arrow right" key until the right-most node is centered in the editor area.
  7. Delete the right-most node. This will also delete all incident edges, including the edge with the bad bend coordinates.
  8. Create the deleted node once again. (Do not use "undo" for this).
  9. Create the required edges once again. (Do not use "undo" for this).
  10. Save the restored diagram.

Alternatively use the following approach:

  1. Open the original diagram.
  2. Run "Layout" -> "Edge Routing" -> "Orthogonal/Polyline".
  3. Click "Fit Content" from the toolbar (16th button from left).
  4. Select all the edges connected to the right-most node.
  5. Type CTRL+Z. (This should undo the edge routing.)
  6. Type DELETE. (This will remove the selected edges including the edge with the bad bend coordinates.)
  7. Create the required edges once again. (Do not use "undo" for this.)
  8. Save the restored diagram.

Hope this helps.


answered Jan 10, 2017 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (110,670 points)
Thank you very much!
You saved my day ;-)

The alternative version worked. I can see my diagram again and continue working...
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