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GraphML to TEXT Transformation Newbie

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I recently installed yEd Graph Editor and below is a short outline of the test I need to conduct:

  1. Draw a very basic flowchart using flowchart symbols such as "Start1", "Process" and "Terminator". 
  2. Export my basic flowchart as XML (GraphML).
  3. Transform the GraphML to "TEXT" so that in NotePad++ reads  as "Start1", "Process" and "Terminator" which are a match to the graphic flowchart symbols I used in my yEd graphic.

I realise such a test  requires a XSLT stylesheet. My hope is you can post a very basic XSLT stylesheet that can perform a very basic GraphML to TEXT transformation. And also provide any sources I can refer to that will explain a step by step on how this transformation process is done using the basic XSLT stylesheet you post.  Something similar to the answer you provided in the link below but for the purpose of performing a GraphML to TEXT transformation:


Lastly, what software does one use to enable the XSLT stylesheet to perform the a full GraphML to TEXT transformation?  Is it OxygenXML? Will a transformation engine such as SAXON work?  Any help you can provide that will assist me in performing my initial GraphML to TEXT transformations would be very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 








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You can also save your diagram to TGF file format which provides you with TEXT output right away. This seems more straightforward, IMHO.
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How do I use stylesheets with GraphML?
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