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nodes from "Computer Network" Group do not scale in pdf output

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While the icons look fine in pdf preview, they look blurred in the pdf output file.

How can I keep the  icons "sharp"  there?
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2 Answers

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You probably cannot. The node style templates from the "Computer Network" palette section are realized using complex Scalable Vector Graphics. Unfortunately, yEd's PDF export is not able to reproduce all the required SVG features as native PDF functions which is why those graphics a rastered when exporting to PDF.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
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Export to SVG and use Inkscape or another tool to convert the SVG to PDF. Using Inkscape, you can convert to PDF with these icons as vectors or use a high resolution for rasterization (600 dpi or more) to provide sharp output.
Note, this does not work well. The default yEd fonts for nodes etc. scale differently after imported into Inkscape, and one would have to manually redo all nodes in Inkscape to get it to look right (i.e., to stop text from flowing out of nodes and such).

Note, the original question addresses the problem of exporting nodes displaying vector graphics in SVG format into a PDF document.
It is not a common use case to have text on (and thus overlapping) such nodes.

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