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BUG - can't enter group when it has an edge to itself

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I've noticed a bug where if you draw an edge from a group to itself, it prevents you from opening that group again. I've attached an example drawing with the problem and my yEd version info.


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Thank you very much for your feedback and the GraphML file.

Actually, self-loop edges do not prevent yEd's "View Group Content" action from working. However, when you select a node by clicking on it, yEd usually selects the bends of all self-loop edges as well. And the "View Group Action" only works if one group or folder node is selected and nothing else.

Try unselecting all the bends after selecting the group node before double-clicking the group.

I admit that having to unselect self-loop bends is quite inconvenient. We will think about allowing "View Group Content" even if some bends are selected as well as a group or folder node.
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Thanks for the quick response! Unselecting every bend does work, but is indeed very inconvenient. Especially where a bend handle overlaps the edge's label making it very difficult (impossible?) to deselect.

I think your proposed solution would work nicely.
As of yEd 3.17 "View Group Content" will work if there are selected bends in addition to a selected group node.
Just to be clear, if you want to add a second arrow you must drag it from the pallete.

How does your comment about adding arrows relate to the "View Group Content" feature?

Anyways, I am assuming that you actually do not mean to add a second arrow but a second edge. (Arrows are the endpoint visualizations of edges, while edges are the connections between nodes.) While it is possible to create multiple edges at a node by dragging the desired edge style template from the palette into the editor area, it is also possible to create an additional edge by directly dragging an unselected node. Please see Creating a Graph in the yEd manual.

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