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I would like to delete multiple nodes containing common label

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In the graphml, I would like to delete multiple nodes containing a common label.Is there any way to delete it. Also, I need a help in searching the nodes with the label.

For eg. There are three nodes.

abcd_1, node_abcd and N_abcd_1and

If I want to delete/remove nodes containing same label "abcd" , how can I delete it in a just single time?Also when I search nodes with the label "abcd" , graphml shows only first node "abcd_1".

any clue on this would be much appreciated.



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Are you actually working with yEd, the free diagram editor?
If so, please explain how "graphml shows only first node"? GraphML is a file format, it does not do anything.

That said, yEd offers extensive search features with "Tools" -> "Select Elements".

Sorry for the confusion, Yes I use free version of yEd and your suggestion worked.
Thank you!

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