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Property Manager - Export failed

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Hi yEd,

Thank you for the beautiful piece of software you have created.  It has been very helpful.
Using yEd-, Win8.1Pro, x64

I have created a Property Map and it applies fine to the open chart.  However when I save the chart, close yEd and open again, I get the following error message and the property map has no contents (therefore I have to recreate it from scratch).
Could not load C:\Users\Name Surname\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd\propertiesmapper.xml
Error while reading configuration profile,skipping it.
Premature end of file.

I have tried exporting the property map but get the following message:
Export Failed
yEd has encountered the following error:

If I import the failed export Property Map, this message:
Import Failed
yEd has encountered the following error:
Error while reading configuration profile, skipping it.
Premature end of file.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Thomas.behr,

Thanks for the help.

It appears to be working now.  I had to force the Yed .exe to run in admin mode (right click on the icon, select properties and in compatibility mode tick Run as Administrator) and it appears to save the property mapping palette now (file size is no longer zero).

I still had trouble exporting the property mapping template to the Desktop (file size was zero bytes and popped up with an error message) but it appears to export fine into the C:\Users\Name Surname\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd folder.

Thanks again for your help.  I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Kind regards,

1 Answer

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Well, the error message means that the file C:\Users\Name Surname\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd\propertiesmapper.xml is broken. This is the file where properties mapper stores its settings when you quit yEd.

Possible reasons for said file being broken are:

  1. yEd does not have write permissions for directory C:\Users\Name Surname\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd.
  2. There is not enough space on the device left for yEd to completely write the file.
  3. The file is modified (and broken) after you have quit yEd.
  4. There is a bug in yEd that prevents the file from being properly written.

Things to check:

  1. What is the size of the file after you have quit yEd? Is it larger than 0 bytes?
  2. What does the file actually contain (if it is larger than 0 bytes)? (Open the file in a text editor for this purpose.)
  3. Is it possible for you to export your properties mapper configurations while yEd is still running? To export configurations use the next-to-last button below the "Configurations" headline in properties mapper (the one that depicts a small, green up arrow).
  4. Is it possible to import an exported configuration once more after you have quit and restarted yEd? To import configurations use the last button below the "Configurations" headline in properties mapper (the one that depicts a small, orange down arrow).

Hope this helps.

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