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Draw an edge between nodes in separate folders* (*closed groups)

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I work with a graph with close to 2000 nodes and 2000 edges and up to 8 levels of nesting and the only way to make it manageable whilst viewing the graph is to use folders (closed groups). The trouble comes when I want to draw an edge between two existing nodes which are nested within separate folders. I know that if I open up the folders (into open groups) until I can see the two nodes I wish to connect I can draw the edge but that requires the user to have good yEd “dexterity” to sort through the mess that is created when opening these closed folders and re-laying out.

One way I imagine the user experience of this feature to be is to right click on the source node (either in the main window or the structure view) and select an option to “start a new edge” and then navigate to the target node to then right click and select “finish new edge”.

I would really appreciate this feature!
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