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GraphMLViewer doesn't show > or < and character hereafter

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In teh edge names I need to use a < or a > (Graphwalker), e.g. "Order[ordernr>8]".  When I use this statement all is correct when I use yEd, but showing the Graph with help of the Graphviewer, it is showed as "Order[ordernr".

What did I do wrong?

Regards Klaas Smit
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1 Answer

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Well, this does not seem to be a general problem - for me, GraphMLViewer is displaying the simple label "Order[ordernr>8]" just fine.
I am using yEd and Flash Player
11,2,202,643 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Which version of yEd and Flash Player are you using? On which operating system are you using Flash Player?
Would it be possible for you to upload the GraphML file that does not display correctly here? (See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for related documentation.)


On a different note, please do not post sensitive data (like eMail addresses or phone numbers herer). This is a public forum and everyone on the internet will have access to everything posted here. wink

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