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Automatic-layout with different results on the same starting position

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I have a BPMN with three subprocesses which are functional completely equal. Only the data sources used are different (named).

When I use the automatic layout for BPMN in the modus "Complete Layout"/"Left to Right" the two of the three subprocesses are modeled the same and the other subprocess look very different then the others.

By the way: If I use the modus "Use drawing as scetch"/"Left to Right" all subprocesses look pretty the same.


Why uses the layout engine different models to draw the subprocesses?


In the attached ZIP you can find two GRAPHML files: "automatic_layout_problem_01.graphml" shows the starting position and "automatic_layout_problem_02.graphml" shows the result after automatic layout in "Complete Layout"/"Left to Right" mode.


Thanks for help!


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