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How do I import a yEd graph into MS Word as an image (without printing fuzzy)?

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We use MS Word for company procedures and some of those contain flow diagrams I create in yEd.  This is the current process I use to do that:

1. Select all nodes

2. Right click

3. Select "Copy to System Clipboard"

4. Paste into Word as an image

When I try to print the document, the FD image is blurry/fuzzy sometimes.  I have seen it where the image is really crisp and clear, but not often.  Is there a special process to get my FD into the word document?  Or a way to set the resolution on the image?
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Instead of copying & pasting, you can export your diagram to one of the supported image file formats. In conjunction with MS Word especially EMF comes to mind, but any of the image formats should do actually.

To export your diagram to EMF file format use the Export... menu item in the File menu. In the "Files of type:" dropdown select "EMF Format (*.emf)". This should give you a crisp and clear image of your diagram.

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Helped fix fuzzy image imports into Word
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