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Need to be added bpmn elements into yEd Graphics Editor

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Dear yWorks Support, I have been working on modeling of BPMN using yEd Graphic editor. I have updated my system with the recent yEd-3.9.1_setup.sh. Even in this recent version the following list of BPMN elements have been missed. The missed element list  is namely,

  1. Embedded Sub-process
  2. Reusable Sub-process
  3. Choreography

Thanks for your support and free software.

With Regards


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All sub-process types defined in BPMN 2.0 are supported in yEd:

(Corresponding GraphML) For call activities and events you simply need to choose the appropriate line type.

Although there is no dedicated choreography template, choreography nodes can be easily faked (e.g. by using a group or sub-process with multiple labels):

(Corresponding GraphML)

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When dou you plan to make this workaround a solution with template?
We do not plan to add the above displayed activities to the default BPMN palette section as that section is already quite large. If you feel you need these as templates as well, simply create a user-defined palette section as a copy of the default BPMN section and add the missing templates yourself (create appropriate node, then choose "Add to Palette" from the node's context menu).

Although we do plan to add choreography templates eventually, there is no target date yet. Due to the fact that making participants work will require quite a lot of effort, this will probably not happen in the near future, though. So, don't hold your breath. ;-)
Thank you, Thomas,  for your quick response and the hint with the custome palette.
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